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Meet David Page: Owner, Senior Producer, Mix Engineer, and Studio Manager at White Bear Studios, Recording Studio Manchester

In the heart of Manchester's vibrant music scene resides a creative powerhouse led by the multifaceted talent of David Page. As the owner, senior producer, mix engineer, and studio manager of White Bear Studios, David brings a wealth of experience and a passion for excellence to every project that crosses his path. With a keen ear for sound and an unwavering commitment to artistic integrity, David Page stands at the forefront of shaping sonic landscapes and nurturing musical talent in the bustling city of Manchester.


  • Owner & Founder

  • Studio Manager

  • Senior Producer

  • Senior Mixing Engineer

Favorite Genres:

  • House (Deep/Trance/Progressive)

  • Synthwave

  • Progressive Rock

  • Drum & Bass

  • Hip Hop


  • Production/Arrangement/Composition

  • Vocal Production

  • Editing

  • Guitar

  • Mixing


David took up music production and recording at 19 years old but has always been a student of music. Starting his own mixtapes and cd collection at around 5 years old, and progressing onto playing guitar at 9 years old. Starting White Bear Studios in 2011 was the natural progression in David's career as he finished university with already a decent amount of clients ready to record with him. David's ear for music is keen and highly tuned. Maintaining a high standard of pitch and timing to performances, and delivering high fidelity and depth to his mixes. David loves working with song writers, producers and musicians looking to collaborate and develop their music and productions. You can find David's original music here under the alias D_Piff.

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