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Meet Jacob Saunders: Producer, Sound Engineer, Session Musician at White Bear Studios, Manchester

Embodied within the creative hub of White Bear Studios in Manchester is the versatile talent of Jacob Saunders. As a proficient producer, adept sound engineer, and skilled session musician, Jacob infuses every project with his unwavering commitment to sonic excellence. At White Bear Studios, Jacob's expertise and passion for music shape unforgettable recordings that stand as testaments to his artistry.


  • Producer

  • Sound Engineer

  • Session Musician

Favorite Genres:

  • Alt Rock

  • Rock

  • Indie

  • Acoustic Folk


  • Arrangement/Song Structure

  • Drum composition

  • Bass guitar


Jacob Saunders is a highly accomplished musician and producer, boasting a BA Hons 1st class in Music Production from Futureworks Salford (UClan). With extensive experience as a rock and indie bass player, he has graced stages across the UK, captivating audiences with his talent. Jacob is also adept at self-producing music, showcasing his creative prowess and technical finesse. In 2023, he interned at White Bear Studios for 12 months, a pivotal experience that led to his current role as second producer and sound engineer. In this capacity, he excels at running Pro Tools sessions and serving as a session musician for clients when required. Jacob specializes in arrangement and song structuring, contributing significantly to the studio's creative output and client satisfaction.

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