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This is arguably my favour part of the whole process. It's usually the part when I can really flex my skills and get stuck into the gritty details of the music. Having 11 years professional experience (and much more before that) of mixing it's fair to say I've tried pretty much all the approaches; in the box, out the box and what I've found is that a little bit of both is usually what works best.

So here's a little insight into my process. I use Pro Tools 12 to record and mix with, and monitor/mix through a pair of Genelec 1030a with a Genelec 7040a subwoofer. I have enough plugins to mix totally 'in the box' (which means just on the computer, digitally) but it's always nice to run a heavily digitally processed Drum Bus through the UA pre amp to take away that digital edge and really finish the sound. But hey, I could talk all day about mixing,'s some mixing services that I offer...

Click here to let the music do the talking!

Mixing Services at White Bear Studios

Attended Mixing Sessions

If you wanna stick around and listen to your music come to life then this is for you. How long it takes however is like asking how long is a piece of string. It just depends on the song and how much work needs doing on it.

I have vast experience with mixing all kinds of genres, including but not limited to:

  • Rock 

  • Metal

  • Dance

  • Hip Hop

  • Indie

  • Acoustic

  • Nasheeds (vocals only)

  • Singing or Rapping to pre mixed/mastered music/beats

Online Mixing 

Online Mixing is a type of unattended mixing session where you can send me your files over the internet and I will mix them for a flat rate. This can work great if you have recorded demos and you just wish to bring them to life, or you have recorded elsewhere and you don't like you final result you received. There can be lots to discuss on this matter, so call me or pop me an email and we can chat about your project in more detail. 

Mixing Services at White Bear Studios Recording Studio in Manchester
Online Mixing at White Bear Recording Studios Manchester
Voice Over Mixing at White Bear Studios Recording Studio Manchester

Voice Overs

Simply, I'll bring your voice over recording to a crisp, polished, professional standard. Ideal for those who need mixing work for adverts, video marketing, podcasts and more. 

Video Mixing (Foley/SFX)

I have bags of experience in mixing sound levels for videos, such as TV adverts, instagram content, promotional videos and lots of other marketing purposes. A professional mix can really help your video stand out from your competitors, so don't over look this! Put in the hands of a professional.


Click here for an example of the most recent video soundtrack mix I have done.

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