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White Bear Studios

Recording Studio Manchester


White Bear Studios is a professional music production and recording studio based in the city centre of Manchester in the North West of England. Established in 2011 by Producer, Mixer and Musician David Page. The recording studio is situated in Hope Mill on Pollard Street and has on site parking and is close to public transport stops.

Here at White Bear Studios Recording Studio Manchester, we specialise in producing for vocalists, including and not limited to vocal production, music production, arrangement, mixing and mastering.

We also have over 18 years experience working with bands, from indie, rock, jazz, funk, all the way up to hardcore metal. 

We know good music and good sound, regardless of genre!


our services


White Bear Studios recording studio in Manchester offers top-notch recording services that cater to musicians and artists seeking professional and high-quality audio production. Their recording service is characterized by state-of-the-art equipment, experienced engineers, and a creative atmosphere that inspires musical excellence.

The studio boasts cutting-edge technology, including industry-standard microphones, preamps, and software, ensuring pristine sound capture at every stage of the recording process. The dedicated team at White Bear Studios is committed to bringing out the best in your music, whether you're tracking vocals, instruments, or an entire band.

With a reputation for professionalism and a commitment to helping artists achieve their sonic vision, White Bear Studios' recording service is a go-to destination for musicians looking to elevate their sound and create exceptional recordings.

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White Bear Studios recording studio in Manchester offers an exceptional mixing service designed to elevate the quality and impact of your recorded tracks. With a team of experienced and skilled audio engineers, the studio specialises in crafting polished and dynamic mixes that bring out the best in your music, ultimatly achieving a professional and radio-ready sound for your songs.

Whether you've recorded at White Bear Studios or elsewhere, their mixing service welcomes a diverse range of genres and musical styles. The engineers work closely with artists to understand their vision and bring it to life, incorporating creative touches while respecting the integrity of the original recordings.


Music Production

White Bear Studios in Manchester offers a comprehensive music production service, providing a one-stop solution for artists looking to bring their musical visions to life. The studio's skilled team of producers, engineers, vocal specialists and musicians collaborates closely with clients to deliver a tailored and professional music production experience.

From concept to completion, we guide artists through the entire music production process. From the initial concepts to arranging and composing, recording high-quality tracks in their state-of-the-art studios, meticulous editing, creative mixing, and polished mastering.

Whether you're a solo artist or a band, White Bear Studios caters to various genres and styles, ensuring that each production is uniquely crafted to capture and enhance the essence of the music.



Here is a selection of clips that have been produced and mixed here at White Bear Studios Recording Studios in Manchester.

Each track has been selected to showcase the variety of musicians and genres we work with.

Here is an example of music production that has been made here at White Bear Studios Recording Studio in Manchester.

This video is showcased on the Porsche YouTube channel. Take a look and listen! 

2023-05-17 14.35.38.jpg

meet the team

At White Bear Studios in Manchester, our dynamic team is the driving force behind the studio's success, bringing a wealth of expertise and passion to every project.

David, Jacob, and Grace form a cohesive team dedicated to providing a comprehensive recording experience at White Bear Studios. With their collective skills and a shared commitment to musical excellence, the team ensures that each project, from recording to mixing, is infused with creativity, professionalism, and a touch of magic.

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