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Introducing Grace Kelly: Vocal Producer, Vocal Coach, and Session Vocalist at White Bear Studios, Manchester

Within the walls of White Bear Studios in Manchester, a voice of exceptional talent and expertise resonates. Grace Kelly, a seasoned vocal producer, vocal coach, and session vocalist, brings her unparalleled skill and passion to the forefront of every recording session. With a gift for guiding artists to unlock their vocal potential and a voice that captivates listeners, Grace embodies the essence of musical excellence. At White Bear Studios, her dedication to perfecting vocal performances elevates each project to new heights of sonic brilliance.


  • Vocal Producer

  • Vocal Coach

  • Sound Engineer

  • Session Vocalist

Favorite Genres:

  • Country

  • Pop 

  • Indie


  • Vocal production/coaching

  • Harmony Arrangement

  • Song Writing

  • Coffee


Grace Kelly is a multifaceted artist with a rich background in the music industry, known for her versatile talents as a vocalist, songwriter, backing vocalist, vocal coach, and vocal production assistant. Grace has seamlessly navigated diverse genres as a vocal producer, coach and session vocalist for artists in pop, country, gospel, electronic, rock, reggae, and hip-hop across New Zealand and the UK. As an artist, her captivating performances have graced stages throughout Europe, the UK, the US, and New Zealand.

For the past two years, she's applied her skills as a vocal production assistant here White Bear Studios, Recording Studio Manchester, following two years of freelancing in NZ. Hear Grace's original music here.

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