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If you don't find what you are looking for here, give us a call or email and we can discuss your needs in more detail

The home of bespoke music in Manchester! I have been working with some great artists and song writers recently who bring an idea or concept to me, and together we bring it to life. Sometimes artists just have melodies and lyrics written down and no music whatsoever. This isn't a problem, it may just mean we have to see a little more of each other!

Here's a few examples of how I can help those who either don't have a band, who are looking to take their home demos to another level, or those who don't have the ability to create music at all...

If you would like to here music that I have composed and produced for another artists and myself:

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Music Production at White Bear Studios

Music Composition

For most of my life I have written music, from my early days of playing acoustic guitar to my teenage punk rock and heavy metal days and into my twenties where I began to explore the limitless possibilities of computer music. If you have a song that needs music, look no further. Give us shout, and lets chat about your idea!

Here's some styles that I'm most familiar with:

  • Rock and Metal

  • Electronic/Dance including House, Trance, Deep House, Drum & Bass and Dubstep

  • Modern Hip Hop styles including Trap, Drill & Grime

  • Boom Bap Hip Hop

  • Acoustic and Folk

All music is different, some of it requires the abilities of specialist players, who we call Session Players. Some can be made on the computer and some a mixture of both. It all depends on the idea we are developing and how far you want to take it. I cover all from ranges and budgets demos to commercial releases.

Music Arrangement & Production

This is for those who have a better idea of what they would like. Usually my clients will come in with demos they have made using Garage Band or something similar. I help take these songs to the next level by adding professional  instrumentation by using my connections with session players or creating music using virtual instruments and drum machines. I also help structure the songs into something a little more digest-able. 


A lot of artists these days jump onto youtube and find a beat to write to. This is the most convenient approach to writing simply becasue there is so much of it out there. However this comes with its own issue; how may other people have wrote or recorded to that particular beat? Here's where I can help..

I will compose you a beat in the same style and mood as the beat you have wrote to. The difference is, it'll be 100% yours & 100% original.

Mixing at white bear studios recording studio manchester
Music Production at white bear recording studios Manchester
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